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Food Business and the Defence of Due Diligence Essay

Food Business and the Defence of imputable Diligence - Essay ExampleThe accused operator is required to establish beyond surmise that the proposed criminal offense occurred due to the fault or negligence of a person, agency or organization that was not chthonic ones direct control and that one thoroughly and credibly assured that the food items downstairs question were check up on to the extent of being reasonable (Food and Safety Act, 1990). The accused is also required to establish beyond doubt that he was totally oblivious of the fact that the proposed omission committed by him would amount to an offense under the Food and Safety Act, at some time in the future (Food and Safety Act, 1990). The court of justness accepts the defence of due diligence to be valid if the accused food operator, conclusively proves and satisfies the above mentioned requirements and corroborates really that the food items under scrutiny were never meant to be sold under ones brand name or mark (Fo od and Safety Act, 1990).In an ideal scenario, resorting to the defence of due diligence by a food operator necessitates an unwavering compliance with the spirit of this provision in the Food and Safety Act, 1990, which was introduced after a widespread public outcry following the instances of the sale of contaminated and substandard food items in the UK (Lyddon, 2005). essentially the defence of due diligence

Prinicples of Management Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Prinicples of Management - Term Paper ExampleBecause those works in IT incessantly assume to plan ahead for the future, this makes them the best suited to be able to agitate management styles at short notice. Also, because there is a risk involved with most forms of leadership, those in IT be able to balance the risks and rewards and choose a lucky strategy. IT managers also have to have good talk skills due to the technical terms involved this rouse be beneficial when giving simple tasks that need to be done correctly. Because IT consultants always have to take onboard advice from their customers, they are best placed to listen to the take of their staff. Also, because innovation is an important surgical incision of IT, this skill can be used to change as engineering improves. Ben quotes Machiavelli, who says that whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times (Ben, 2012). Finally, a good leader inescapably to understand the needs of their emplo yees yet are aware of organizational objectives IT personnel can achieve this because they always have to satisfy a number of different people. Needed Managers Who Are Leaders - In this member by Michael Maccoby, he discusses the need for question and engineering manager to lead more than they manage. Research and technology is seen at the forefront of offering solutions to problems on a global scale. Innovation forms a big part of this since new ideas are constantly being sought. Many people find it easy to come up with new inventions these people are known more as inventors. It takes innovators to be able to take a concept and market it to a wide range of people. In order to accomplish this, high quislingism and teamwork is necessary. Jim Meier is quoted as saying that seven factors are needed for achieving high performance collaborative teams, such as common purpose, trust, clear roles and responsibility, support, directed action, continued excellence, vitality and resiliency (Maccoby, 2009, p. 58). Even though the use of teams can be helpful, something more is required. Exceptional leadership is absolutely necessary when in comes to organizing a highly successful team. Meier says that trust is a key factor when it comes to a team being able to follow everything that a manager tells them (Maccoby, 2009, p. 59). A good leader needs to contain three elements in their management philosophy ethics, moral reasoning, and practical values (Maccoby, 2009, p. 60). Developing Research/Technology Leaders - Michael Maccoby starts out with a acknowledge that most managers have had some form of training in order to make them a bust leader. Maccoby backs up this argument by saying that there are over one and a half(prenominal) million references for the Google search term leadership training (Maccoby, 2007, p. 65). However, many of these leadership training programs are ineffective. Maccoby proposes that research technology leadership training in particular should be centered on the four Ps purpose, processes, people, and presentation (Maccoby, 2007, p. 66). For the first P, purpose, technology leaders often dont understand why they are even doing a project let alone know how to successfully complete it. The first publication that leadership training should deal with is purpose, because this is the first step required to successfully run a project. For the flake P, process, leaders need to understand the role that each team member or department has to offer. in one case the process of an organization is made to run efficiently, it is that much

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Negligent misstatement is based on a special relationship being Essay

Negligent misstatement is establish on a redundant descent being proven. By discussing relevant case law, explain how this - establish ExampleSpecial Relationship in negligent misstatement Special relationship in law is regarded as a situation in which a party relies on a professionals skills and figure of a professional to undertake certain actions or omissions. It is worth noting that professionals are people with impeccable fellowship and skills on myriad of issues depending on their area of expertise. Charlesworth (2008) says that due to their unique skills and experience, majority of people usually depends on their input before they act. Whenever one seeks the services of another in a professional capacity, the professional has a duty of automobilee and as such should offer his advice or act with caution. In court proceedings where the subject matter is negligent misstatement, the court considers several factors in order to determine if in that location is whatsoever fo rm of material misstatement. In fact, the courts consider three critical elements whenever they are dealing with the issue of special relationship in the context of negligent misrepresentation. One such factor is that the plaintiff relied on the skills and archetype of the suspect to make certain acts or omission. The other element is that the defendant ought to be aware or was aware of the fact that the Plaintiff was relying on him to make certain acts or omission. ... The court of appeal ceremonious that the case qualified for negligent misrepresentation by the defendant and that there existed special relationship amongst stopcock Bentley Productions and Harold smith. The case, therefore, satisfied all the requirements of material misrepresentation, which include the fact that the plaintiff, Harold Smith Ltd, relied on the skills and judgment of the defendant, Dick Bentley Productions, to make certain the decision of purchasing the Bentley. The other element is that the defen dant, Dick Bentley Productions, was aware of the fact that the Plaintiff, Harold Smith Ltd, was relying on him to make certain acts or omission. Finally, the circumstances reasonably alluded to the fact that the defendant was aware that the defendant was relying upon his advice. The defendant was a dealer in Bentley and as such he was in a check position to tell the correct mileage of Bentley because he was a dealer in Bentley. For the special relationship to hold in court proceedings involving negligent misstatement there is need to prove that, the defendant was a professional who had the knowledge, experience, and judgment on the subject matter. In Oscar Chess Ltd v Williams (1957) 1 WLR, the defendant had wrong stated the age of the car to the dealer in a part exchange transaction. The court held that although there was a statement, the defendant was not in a position to tell the true age of the car to the plaintiff since the former was not a professional in the field. The stat ement of the defendant was therefore held to be representational. In his judgment, the judge alluded to the fact that the plaintiff could have at least bothered to verify the expound that were

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Diary Entry of John Proctor Essay Example for Free

Diary Entry of John Proctor EssayTomorrow is the day of my execution. For one time of my soundliness I lied, I avered to something I do not believe, I betrayed my friend. I am a earth of sin, I told Danforth that they were each(prenominal) involved in witchcraft, I thought I would not purport guilty about it since they are already dead and I am doing this for my family. My beloved wife Elizabeth ask a man in the household, and my children, they need a father. I thought putting my family as my eldest priority, even more important than honor and the truth but I am wrong, seriously wrong.I used them, my neighbors, my friends in order to persuit my sustain happiness. I used them, I am a man of sin. I am now a man of sin, and this is all because of that lustful woman named Abigail Williams. I declare that I did like her at first, her beauty deeply attracted me and I did something that was a shame for my whole life, I betrayed my wife Elizabeth. I dont know what I was think ing back than, but I certainly distress it now.Elizabeth trusted me, our family were united, everything were fabulous until that woman came into my life. If there were anyone that is actually the devil, is must be her, Abagail Williams. She didnt just ruin the life of my household, but everyone in Salem, the Coreys, the Nurses, even the Putnams were ruined because of that devil and her so called witchcraft. Because of her, nobody in Salem could live the lives they had, everyone went crazy, everybody is accusing each other in order to keep themselves away from harm. by chance Abagail didnt realise that the results result turn out to be like this, but this is reality. Its all because of her lust, her thirst for power, her wicked sick mind, its all because of her. It is Abagail that drove everyone mad. It is Abagail that made everyone suspiciouse of their neighbors and friends. It is Abagail that killed out people in Salem. And it is Abagail that made me have to lose my word, it is h er that made me confess to a lie.It is Abagail Williams who turned me into the man that doesnt worth anymore credit, it is Abagail that killed me. Abagail Williams is not saint that confessed to the truth, but a receiver that slaughtered the nice people of Salem. Tomorrow is my last day living, how will the people of Salem view me? Maybe they will take me as the villian that blackened the saints names, or maybe they will see me as a man with honor, to die like a man not a coward that wouldve done anything to save my own life. I will die like a man.

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Contact Information Essay Example for Free

march Information EssayCharlotte, NC (January 1, 2013) Johnson C. Smith University is having a Whitney Houston tribute on February 20, 2013. The school choir along with death chair Carter is organizing a beautiful tribute on campus. The tribute go away be held in Biddle auditorium on that Wednesday. hot seat Carter emailed students to find out who wanted to volunteer for the result and receive community service hours. Johnson C. Smith University forget be selling tickets as well.The prices are 2$ for JCSU students, and 5$ for everyone else. Special guests will be Mariah Carey, Brand, and Chris Brown. The event has been posted in local charlotte area newspapers and it will also be discussed on the local news. prexy Carter said This event is a must see, I think myself and everyone who helped did an awesome job. I suggest everyone bob up out and see this tribute.After the event Johnson C. Smith University will have food sponsored by FDY food services. The food is free after admission and drinks are free as well. There will also be an autograph signing from the special guests after the event. Special guest Mariah Carey says Its constantly a pleasure doing events like this. Anytime I can help, and give back, Im always free to.

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Significant Business Risk Factors Essay Example for Free

Signifi stopt clientele Risk Factors Essay1. Limited Shelf LifeEmpirical evidence suggests that retailers must adapt to peeled product style trends in order to satisfy consumers and other key stakeholders (Ryan, 2011). In respect to Harvey Norman (HVN), failure to adapt will entail lower consumer demand, hindering growth and profitability. It is important to note a limited shelf life of HVNs products exists due to changing trends. This in turn gives rise to the happeniness of list becoming obsolete and rising excess stock in the warehouse. Therefore, HVN should further emphasise on its inventory management, in order to minimise inventory build up and overall expenses in the entity. 2. change magnitude Competition from online shoppingStudies reveal that Australian consumers have embraced online shopping, recording a 23% growth in 2012 (Irvine, 2013). In order to combat the fierce ambition in the online trade, HVN introduced its Omni-strategy, which focused on the enhanceme nt of its digital store. There is evidence of success from this strategy with the firm recently named as The Best Multichannel Retailer in the ORIA 2013 awards (Chanthadavong, 2013).Despite this acclaim, it is of paramount importance that HVN considers enhancing its distribution channels, especially its digital store through better set on delivery quantify for online purchasesand a greater focus on personalised services for net profit empowered consumers. This will sustain consumer expectations and ensure the firm captures a greater portion of its target market (Chanthadavong, 2013). 3. Threat from domestic competitorsDespite being one of Australias retail behemoths, HVN in recent times has been battling it out in the domestic market due to growing competition. In 2012, HVN was labelled as the about expensive Australian electronic giant recording a severe slump in its determine position in comparison to its counterparts such as Dick Smith Electronics and JB HI-FI (Jager, 2013) . The underlying reason out for the slump was frequently due to the high costs from GST and compliance laws (Morley, 2013).Additionally, three of HVNs recently acquired subsidiaries failed during the 2011/2012 fiscal years. Thisproved to be a costly investment for the firm reduced its competitive position in the furniture and electrical goods attention (Coyne, 2013). Furthermore, the entitys poor pricing position detrimentally impacted the electronics giants gross sales (-4.9%) and profitability (-2.38%) (Harvey Norman, 2012). This suggests that HVN may have inventory build-up, excessive discounting and price deflation due to careen consumer demand.4. Stagnating growth in the global retail industryStagnating growth in the global retail industry has resulted in lower consumer demand and expenditure. A study from IBIS reveals that Australian appliance retailing has fallen by nearly two percent (IBISworld, 2013). Additionally, declining consumer demand has influenced a fall in the Australian sawhorse (AUD), which has negatively impacted sales in HVN Australian and international stores such as New Zealand and Ireland (Harvey Norman, 2012). HVNs 2012 one-year Report reinforces that the negative growth has inhibited a reduction of HVNs profitability, tax and thus add the risk of obsolescence of inventory.5. Natural Disasters affecting Harvey Norman StoresRecent natural disasters have damaged many HVN Australian and New Zealand stores. For instance, a fire in the storage area of Harvey Norman in Porirua New Zealand to a great extent damaged a HVN store earlier in June 2013 (New Zealand Herald, 2013). This has had detrimental impacts on HVNs sales revenue in its New Zealand market (Harvey Norman, 2012 p. 10). It is important to note that these disasters increase time wastage spent on reconstruct stores and increases the risk of overstatement of assets, as they may not have been properly removed off premises.6. tawdry advertisementIt is of paramount import ance that a company doesnt engage in false and cheapjack marketing especially if the products fail to exist in the warehouse. HVN was recently fined through infringement notices worth $6,600 for advertising stock they did not hold in a bid to mis leading customers. According to the ACCC, this act breached the employment Practices Act in promoting material. Moreover, this has had financial and non-financial impacts for the company, specifically affecting future sales and brand imageon reliability of the companys stance to deliver with full efficiency. This is also known as in operation(p) and compliance risk.7. Threat of the geographical location of franchisesAccording to the entitys 2012 annual report, franchising is deemed to be HVNs predominant source of its revenue. Whilst, HVN has franchise locations globally, its New Zealand stores attract the highest level of sales revenue (Harvey Norman, 2012). Growth in sales have peaked in stores located around the mining districts such as Western Australia, hunting watch Valley, but have dropped in performance in the capital cities such Sydney and Melbourne. A financial risk of going on concern can be indicated from here as the need of consumers shift and with competition HVN may not be selling and trading as much in the cities leading to inventory overload and incremented liabilities affecting overall business performance.8. Currency FluctuationsDuring the 2012 financial year, the AUD fluctuated a significant amount against the almost popular currency for trade (USD) by about $0.9544 to $1.1055 (RBA 2012). A fluctuation of $0.1511combined with trades amounting in millions would potentially lead to a large discrepancy to HVNs Accounts receivable and payable accounts. Additionally, a lower AUD reflects that HVN would have to increase the retail prices in order to achieve the same profit margin (Campbell Phillips 2013).Empirical evidence reveals that if the dollar drops to around $0.80AUD compared to the USD, Aust ralian consumers can expect an increase in prices of about 25% (Campbell Phillips 2013). This increase can be counteracted through hedging of the currencies, however volatility of the commodity market could potentially reduce HVNs sales. Specifically, if sales decreases the risk of inventory obsolesces and write downs through idol stock increases.

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William Kaye Estes Essay Example for Free

William Kaye Estes experimentWilliam Kaye Estes is one among the founders of mathematical psychology and a leading statistical learning theorist. Estes demonstrated the comparison of data-based observations of behavior with computer simulation model. His work of mathematical psychology reflects theoretical matters relating to perception, choice, learning, memory and categorization. A major(ip) concern about the theorist is creation of clear understanding and application of statistical methods in psychology. hotshot major consideration in mathematical psychology is the application of Markov process in real smell slips. Markov process arises in statistics and probability. It is a random process whereby expected or future behavior cannot be predicted by considering past behavior (FABBS Foundation, n d). Some applications of Markov analysis in real sprightliness situation is in the case of calling go down, business behavior or progress of an epidemic. A real life situation refl ected in Markov analysis is traffic scat which is a major problem in umteen parts of the world especially developing cities.Markov process as is applied in traffic flow clearly describes probalistic behavior of traffic queues in many urban centers. This is applied properly in argonas that are closely seen especially in an intersection considering spatial extension. Markov process is applied in traffic flow in estimation of travel times that is vehicles arrivals and departure or traffic volumes through applications of origin destinations. sleuthing devices record the arrival and departure time of vehicles, airplanes or trains.Vehicle concentration at various thoroughfare segments is a clear indication of a posterior distribution which provides a clear estimate of traffic flow (FABBS Foundation, n d). Estimation of origin destinations is difficult but application of simulation model intimately finds traffic counts at intersections. Application of Markov process therefore simulate s transportation network which reflects the actual traffic counts. fictitious character FABBS Foundation. William Kaye Estes. Retrieved on 22nd July 2010 from, http//www. fabbs. org/Estes_Honor. html